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Southwest Oklahoma Ghost Chasers

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About Us

 On this page we'll present some details about Southwest Oklahoma Ghost Chasers (SWOGC) and the people behind it.

Our Crew

Staci (Jaden) H.: President, Investigator, Interviews, Final Reports             
Sherrie (Kat) D.: Vice President, Research, Interviews, Investigator            
Traci A.: Asst. Vice President, Public Relations, Interviews, Equipment Specialist, Investigator                    
Dwayne S.: Tech Manager, Investigator
Jason C.: EVP Tech, Investigator
Donny "There's something in the house" H.: Investigator
George "Tarzan" A.: Investigator
Ken "Got Ghost" M.: Investigator
Stan "I ain't the man" D.: Investigator
Matt M.: Investigator
Dustin G.: Investigator










Our Personal Info

Staci (Jaden): 36 F with  training in Private Security some training in Private Investigation, 6 years in EMS, a Sensitive, & President of SWOGC, currently working on diploma in Paranormal  Studies.I had my first encounter with a ghost about the age of 15,even though I can remember when I was younger I sometimes had the feeling at times there was someone with me even when I was alone. I remember waking in the middle of the night thinking someone was in the room with me. My dad said I had more bad dreams then any kid he knew & I didn't sleep a lot. My next encounter was when I was 18, I lived in a house that had a lot of strange things happening, I found out later that a man shot & killed himself in the house. A friend of my dad's , who was a police officer told me there were reports of things happening inside & outside, but nothing ever being found. He jokingly said he just thought it was ghosts. That was not the last haunted house I lived in. So I have always had an interest in the paranormal after those first  experiences.
Sherrie (Kat):  38 F with training in news research, education, clerical skills, and the paranormal, Vice President of SWOGC. I joined the SWOGC because Staci needed some one to check her spelling.  Just kidding.  Staci let me know that she was setting up a paranormal investigation group that would investigate the TRUTH about paranormal phenomena happening in our area and that it would be more of a hobby than a job thing.  I thought it sounded interesting and wanted to add my experience and help.  I'm also very curious to see what we can prove and disprove with our investigations
Donny: 34 M 10 yrs. Military,even though he don't admit it he is psychic, he does have that sixth sense, just does not believe in ghost, but believes in the paranormal.
Tracy: 35 F Mother of three and legal secretary with a lifelong interest in the paranormal and with 5 years experience in the area of paranormal investigation and research as a member and officer of a well-known, Southern California based paranormal research and investigation team before moving back "home" to Oklahoma in Summer of 2004.  Clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient since childhood with a lifetime of "unofficial" investigation experience.  Currently working on honing my abilities both as a psychic and an investigator.  Believes a scientific approach to be the best means of investigating any purported haunting, ruling out all scientific and natural explanations before coming to paranormal conclusions.  Also believes that credibility is of utmost importance in this field and conducts investigations in a fashion consistent with that belief.
George: 42M  Father of three and machinist by trade with 5 years experience as an honorary member of a well-known, California based paranormal research group.  Having "married into" paranormal research, he considers himself in more of a "supporting role".  He is a born skeptic with a knack for finding logical and scientific explanations before concluding that something could be of a paranormal nature.  A seeker of Truth, regardless of the source, and often finds himself playing the role of pack mule whilst carrying heavy equipment for the Missus.
Dwayne: 36M Born December 23rd, 1969 in Pecos, Texas.
Father was in the US Navy, so I lived in San Fransico, CA until age 2,
then moved to Key West FL for one year.
At age 3, moved to Midland, TX.  At age 6 moved to Lawton, OK and has
been living here since, with the exception of living in Arlington, TX
for about 9 months right after graduating from Eisenhower High School
in 1988.
Worked for Commercial Metals Company, a scrap metal business, until 1991.
Was hired at Moto Photo in March 1991 and was promoted to lab manager six
months later. Also did freelance photography on the side.
Was hired by Comanche County Sheriffs Department in June of 1994 and worked
as a corrections officer. Became a reserve Deputy in January 1996.
That job inspired me to go to college so in December of 1996, I quit the
Sheriffs Department and started attending Cameron University in January
of 1997.
During that time, I took on a "part time" job with LawtonNET Communications
as the office manager. It turned into a full time job but I gained some
good experience working for the ISP.
In November of 1999, I was hired as a contract PC technician for Reynolds
Army Hospital at Fort Sill. In June of 2004, I was hired as a permanent
GS government employee (doing the same job) which is what I do today.

As a side project, I created a company called "PCExtreme" and opened a website
( dedicated to computer geek stuff like LAN parties, PC case mods,
and PC hardware reviews. I also ran several "sister" sites as well - - - and
During this time, I also got pretty good at web promotion, and promotion
in general. In October of 2002, I had an idea to have a huge PC gaming event
in the Great Plains Colisuem, and actually pulled it off in March of 2003.
It was the largest event of it's kind ever held in Lawton and was sponsored
by several big name in the computer business.

I have always had a fascination with the paranormal - be it Bigfoot, UFOs,
ghosts, you name it. SWOGC is the first serious paranormal group I have been involved
with, and I hope to learn all I can and perhaps prove or disprove a few
legends or hauntings along the way.
Ken: M Military training.