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Southwest Oklahoma Ghost Chasers

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Standards and Protocols

This is the list of standards  and protocols that SWOGC members follow before, during & after an investigation.

During an investigation:

Members must remember to maintain a professional attitude.

Members not only represent themselves but SWOGC as well.

Members will dress in appropriate attire.

All long hair will be tied back or tucked under a hat.

Members must carry Photo ID.

No smoking during an investigation.

No littering.

No obscene language.

No pranks or practical jokes or horse play.

No alcoholic beverages before or during an investigation.

SWOGC will not tolerate the use of illegal drugs from any of its members.

Do not take anything from a site.

Members must be well rested before an investigation.

Members who are sick, not feeling well or tired will not be allowed to participate in an investigation.

A good positive mental attitude is very important.

Members will have respect other investigators as well as clients & the investigation site.

Members will obey local & state laws during an investigation.

No Oujia boards or seances before, during or after an investigation.

Collecting evidence:

Do not take photos in rain, snow, fog, windy, or dusty conditions.

Do not take photos from moving vehicles.

Clean all lenses before using cameras.

Remove camera straps before use.

Avoid shooting into the sun.

Avoid shooting with flash at reflective surface.

Keep fingers away from lens of camera.

Check all equipment batteries before use.

Check tape in recorders.

Load new film in cameras.

Look for scientific explanations first.

All photos, EVPs, readings, & and evidence collected before during & after an investigation are property of SWOGC and will not be released without authorization. Names and addresses of a private resident investigation will not be released to protect the privacy of the client.