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Southwest Oklahoma Ghost Chasers

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Equipment We Use

In the process of getting Other stuff but this is it so far:
*2 4 Head VCR's (we will be switching to DVR's within the next year)
*2 surveillance systems
*Sony Digital Camcorder w/Nightshots
*Canon 3.2MP Powershot A60 Digital Camera
*Concord EyeQ 3042AF 3.1MP Digital Camera
*Polaroid PZ2001 35mm Auto Camera
*GE Microcassette Recorder w/ Clip on Microphone
*RCA Digital Voice Recorder
*Tri-Field Meter (Tracy's)
*Dr.Gauss EMF Meter
*E.L.F Zone EMF Detector
*Cell Sensor EMF Meter
*Victoreen Geiger Counter
*Pepper Spray (for wild animals)
*Tool Belts
*Flash Lights
*RadioShack Indoor/Outdoor Didital Thermometer
*RadioShack Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer
*1st Aid Kits
I am adding to our equipment every chance I get, If you are in the Paranormal Field,Please Email me with any input about equipment. Thanks