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Southwest Oklahoma Ghost Chasers

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Investigation Feb.5,2005
Investigation Feb.18,2006
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Investigation Feb.18,2006

Private Home

Well our pre set investigation did not happen due to the home owner coming down sick. SO what would any other Parnormal Investigatin group do in this case when you re a dressed up & no ghost to hunt? Go to the the house of the groups founder because you know there is activity there & have an investigation! So that is what we did, we invited Two Feathers Paranormal Investigation (Jim & Brenda) to join us, and what a night we had. I don't think I have ever seen such orb activity on film before in my life or have hear so much interaction on an EVP session. Brenda was told, after she had said "make contact" to "make contact with me" by the spirit that was located in the master bedroom this spirit was in the mood to be heard & hear him we did. With what sounded to be a very fast paced writing & tapping that was heard on the tape and words.  In the livingroom the voice of a young girl was picked up singing and what sounded like the girl saying "where am I" as well as music could be faintly heard. Now we did have a light white noise running in the back ground this was a pump on an fish tank that pumps & filters water. Orbs were picked up in all parts of the house on all cam's used including video cam.                   
We are working on getting video footage onto the computer then to the website so you can see "the little orb that ran away"




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