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Southwest Oklahoma Ghost Chasers

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Investigation Feb.5,2005
Investigation Feb.18,2006
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Investigation July 15 2006

Follow up on 2/18/06 investigation

Yes boys & girls once again we investigate my house and there is never a dull moment. As soon as we had set up the camcorder at a little after 11pm, we had orbs. Now people who don't believe in the parnormal have walked into this house and just had a feeling about the area we set up in. Almost everyone that has entered my home has commented about this area.  Team members present were  Tracy, Sherrie and me. Although we wern't snapping alot of pictures we did get a couple orbs, but just wait for the video that i will be getting done in Aug., it is haveing to be reviewed, taking to a editer, put into a Windows media file then up loaded, this does take time & money to get done. SO as soon as we have it done it will be uploaded to the website.



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