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Southwest Oklahoma Ghost Chasers

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Investigation Feb.5,2005
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Investigation Aug.19,2006

Investigation with Twofeathers

We had an interesting night. It started off when we pulled out EMF meters and put them on a display case and they all went off. This case is about 80 plus years old, so we start checking for an electrical source, and found none. We start checking the other cases for reading (all the same type of cases) and got no EMF readings. We had a door shut on us that was open and we checked for a breeze that could have caused it and found none. Several of us witnessed the door moving for no reason and seen someone walking in one of the back rooms when there was no one there. Also we had asked for a sign and heard a loud bang on a metel shelf that was about 8 feet away from where we was standing. No one was close enough to the shelf to bump or tap it.We covered about 10,000 sq. ft. that night.We also picked up loud bangs real close to the camcorder, that was in the room with the most reported activity, also this is the room that the door had went shut on earlier and where we all heard the bang on the shelving.
More to come


I had asked if I could take a picture of the spirit in this room. Notice the tail on this orb and the size of it. I have never seen an orb like this one. The rack to the left is about 6 ft. tall so compairing it to the orb the orb is about 10'-12' in size

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